The FooBaSKILL Set s ideal for schools and sports clubs wishing to discover this original sport and to work on coordination in a fun way. The FooBaSKILL Set contains:

  • 2 official goals “SKILLGoals” with 6 adjustable belts
    • Multifunctional goal
    • Dimension : 550 x 980 MM
    • Floating net that permits to score on both sides
    • Quick set-up on gymnastics boxes or other supports with 6 adjustable belts
    • For use indoor and outdoor (non-slip underfeet)
    • Lightweight (aluminum)
    • Easy to store (removable feet)
    • European Patent SKILLGoal nºEP18705724.5


If the SKILLGoal is placed on a gymnastics boxor other support, it is essential that an adult fix it with the belts provided to prevent that it falls off. The belts must be adjusted and stretched as much as possible to hold the goal on the support in a motionless manner. Click here to view how to assemble the goal

  • 10 balls”SKILLTheBalls” (size 4 or size 5) + 2 free balls
    • Multifunctional ball
    • Size 4 (weight: 350-370 grams, recommended age: 6-11 years)/ Size 5 (weight: 420-440 grams, recommended age: 12 years and over)
    • Ball composed of 8 basketball panels (rough texture) and 12 football panels (smooth texture)
    • The turquoise colour symbolises basketball, white represents the centre line of the play field and the burgundy colour designates football
    • European Patent SKILLTheBall nºEP17714016.7


The SKILLTheBALL must be inflated according to the instructions printed on it: 0.33 – 0.36 bar / 4.8 -5.2 psi.